Bringing Infinity Indoors

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How do you find an infinitely distant target to focus a lens on without going outside?
Use another camera as a collimator, like this:

Here's what this looks like in 'real life', with a black OM1 serving as a collimator for a chrome OM2:

No suitable SLRs handy?
Okay then, try this variation on the same theme:

And here's this version, with a FED 3 taking the place of the OM1:

In either case, this is what you see in your viewfinder when both lenses are properly adjusted at infinity focus:

If this looks useful to you and you'd like to read more about the general technique, I recommend Ed Romney's "Basic Training in Camera Repair", which also includes lots of other handy stuff. You can buy it here.

That's okay for lenses, but what about rangefinders? You need a nearby infinity target for those too! Try this:

Measure carefully, and used at a distance of 10 to 20 feet this is quite accurate.

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